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Force sensor in UR5 Eseries


I hope I can ask this question here, if not, please forgive me.

I would like to order a new UR robot for our factory.
I carried out an investigation among your technical documentations looking for details and I have a question about the force sensor that is installed in the E-series.

Do it have an impact on the robot’s safety function?
Is the measurement of force when cobot is hitting an obstacle still based on exceeding the value of current in the joint?

Thank you in advance for your answer, if I asked these questions in the wrong place, please for a contact to the person from whom I could receive this information.


the Force/Torque sensor is not safety rated. The safety functions still rely on the current measurements in the joints.

However it could still be possible to include the F/T-Sensor in the Risk assessment. As a first line the F/T-Sensor could detect a collision faster/more sensible than the current measurements, but not as reliable. The second line would still be the current measurement detecting a collision at a higher force, but less frequent.

Please check with your safety coordinator first, before considering implementing it this way.

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