"Safety has changed in the installation" modal popup

some background info:
Robot: UR10e
Programs/URscript: 1 program saved on the UR pendant, 1 URscript sent to the robot from ROS.
Setup: ROS melodic w/ UR ROS driver
UR Pendant in remote mode at all times
No issue with communication between ROS and the UR controller.

Recently I’ve been switching between one saved program and a URScript using the UR ROS driver but I’ve encountered many many times a modal popup for a safety error on the UR Pendant that says:
“Safety has changed in the installation. You cannot run the program before it has been verified and saved in manual mode”

Most of the time, if not all, it happens when switching from the URScript to the saved UR program.

Sometimes, the program will still switch successfully but sometimes, it won’t.

By switching program I mean either:

  • using the dashboard server to stop the URscipt currently running and then load/play the saved UR program using the dashboard server again.
  • using the dashboard server to stop the saved UR program currently running and then send the URscript using one of the client interface.

I am not sure if this is a ROS issue or a general safety config issue. I have looked into many .PDFs in the UR provided resources but couldn’t find anything relevant to my issue.

Is there a way to prevent this error from happening or am I doing something wrong that is causing this error to happen?

Any help or tips is appreciated! thank you!

P.S. This is the error modal popup I get on the UR Pendant


I managed to fix this issue by saving the installation at the same time as the program using the “save all” button.

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Thanks for documenting this. I was battling this issue today and saving did the trick!