Configurable safety output types API

We are looking for an API function to read (and set?) the safety IO types for the current installation. Most important for us is to ensure the installation contains a safety output for Emergency Stop. Optionally, make it possible to select a configurable output as Emergency Stop if not configured yet. The URCap should only proceed with generateScript() when emergency stop output is configured.
Searching ‘safety’ in the URCap API reference does not provide any results.
I see the Client interfaces documentation contains a package “Safety Data” but it’s not explained in detail:
2.1.12. Safety Data (Sub Package of Robot State Message)
It is used internally by Universal Robots software only and should be skipped.
Could this package contain the data we are looking for?
@Ebbe do you have any suggestions here?

Hi @csaba,

None of the safety settings is currently not available through the Java API. If the wiring is fixed you can supply a sample installation for reference. If it is for your own usage you could also load the installation from the Dashboard server.

Feel free to add it to the product wishlist!


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