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Safety Checksum icon

Just to quench my curiosity!

Can anyone tell me how to interpret the Safety Checksum icon in the top right hand corner of the polyscope?
I understand its for the safety configuration and the numbers, letters and colours change when a modification to the safety is made but I just wanted to understand what the Numbers, letters and colours represented.

I there a chart for example

This topic is discussed via the link below. As stated, there is no chart or explanation to translate the value :
Safety Checksum - #2 by jbm

The values are based on converting the checksum number to a hex value, first four hex values after conversion are the string values displayed in the picture. The last digits after hex conversion are for the background color behind the string value. For example if the value was 7 then the background color would be brown. There are also special cases you have to account for when the values ‘AAAA’ are displayed.