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Changes to installation after upgrading to Polyscope 5.11.5


I upgraded to polyscope 5.11.5 today and after upgrading, the robot claims that i have made changes to installation every time i start the robot even though i haven’t even touched it.

Any reason for this behavior?


Hi Tommi,
Welcome to the UR forum.

Do you have access to our customer portal MyUR? https://myur.universal-robots.com/

If this as an issue it will be easier for us to share files and report it, if you post a support ticket there.


I have sent the request for MyUR, still pending.

The problems seems to be in safety installation. During the upgrading, safe home position was lost and when i synced it with home position again and applied the change, the confirmation of the applied changes window just claims that the safe home position is not configured. But when i confirm the safety configuration, that little start after the name of installation disappears. And when i restart, same happens again. So somehow it is not saving the safe home position.
The colors in the safety checksum have changed as well since the upgrade, but i cannot figure out what are the meanings behind the colors.