Safeguard Stop option on configurable safety inputs


Assign option Safeguard Stop on configurable safety inputs

What is it?

In the Safety IO tab, it’s only possible to select Safeguard Reset, it would be good to also be able to select Safeguard Stop on configurable safety inputs to be able to connect multiple safety devices like scanners to trigger Safeguard Stops

Why is it needed?

We need to connect multiple safety laser scanners for a project on one of our UR10e, in the Safety IO tab it’s possible to assign extra Emergency Stop safety inputs to the configurable safety inputs, but it’s not possible to setup multiple Safeguard Stop inputs, only Safeguard Reset, forcing us to go through a safety relay to merge the 3 scanners’ OSSD outputs into a single one to go into the single Safeguard Stop input. It’s not the end of the world but we lost time, need extra hardware and makes the project more complex while it seems that all the hardware required is already in the controller. Can you explain why it’s not possible to select Safeguard Stop as option while it’s possible to select extra Emergency Stops inputs? Would be great since for flexibility it makes it much easier to add multiple scanners without extra hardware and losing time.

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