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Equal configurations on configurable inputs

Hello everyone,
in our Application we want to secure our robot by using multiple safety ground scanners and connect them directly to the robot using their OSSD-Outputs. However if I try to assign multiple inputs in Poliscope as “Automatic Mode Safeguard Stop” it always sets one of them back to “Unassigned”. Is it possible to Assign multiple inputs to the same function? If so, how would I do that?

Thanks for your help and greetings from Germany


Hi @oliver.ege ,

I could not see any function called Automatic Mode Safeguard stop in the Polyscope.

If you mean the safeguard reset, it is the function to reset the alarm by triggering the safeguard stop.

This rest signal should be only one logically I think so this is why it only allows you to set once.

The safeguard stop signal for triggering the safeguard stop alarm is on the far left terminal when you open the control box.

Hope this helps.

You could use a safety rated relay for combining multiple safety scanners/OSSDs

Page 21 here shows how you would connect them:

I think the option only shows up when you set a password for the manual user.

@terryc I know that i could realize it that way or with a safety PLC but i wanted to know if it would be possible to assign multiple inputs to this function as it would eliminate the need for a relatively expensive safety PLC.
I also took al look if it would be possible to modify the installation file in a way that makes this possible but unfortunately in the installation file the I/O numbers are assigned to the functions not the other way around which makes this impossible.

If i didn’t overlook a way of doing this please see this as a feature request as it would help cut down costs for integrators.

Greetings from Germany