Rtde safety setup

I’m retrieving robot position via rtde which was working fine before I updated to URSim 5.13.
After updating to URSim 5.13, an out of bounds error occurs when I receive data.
If I print out the data key types retrieved from rtde, I get the message below:
SafetySetup has not been confirmed yet therefore no data will be send yet URControl

I just checked and it also occurs in the physical robot.

Anyone know how to confirm safety setup?

Is anyone else’s RTDE functioning properly after updating to 5.13?
Maybe it’s just my safety setup that has been wiped after upgrading.
If anyone knows which safety setup to configure, I would appreciate your help.

Can anybody help here?
RTDE just doesn’t start and it’s occuring in more than one of our robots.
How is your RTDE working after updating to 5.13?

I’m trying to retrieve the following:

In the RTDEClient class, the read from my input stream is
types[0] = SafetySetup has not been confirmed yet
types[1] = therefore no data will be send yet URControl

Thanks for your help.

alrighty, then. thanks