Remote control by ur_rtde using c++ and also using windows

hello everyone
I am beginner for robot control. Now i’m trying to control ur5e using c++ and rtde. And also, I am working on ur_rtde 1.5.1. but it doesn’t work. Should i upload script code to the robot? Please help me in this situation.

I connected pc to robot and operating robot. But, could not receiving data from robot using ur_rtde. Please help me?

when i trying to get data from robot, i just get “Unable to start synchronization”.

Hi uskha

There has been issues with the stability of the RTDEReceiveInterface in version 1.5.1 and other versions as well. Please update to 1.5.4 which should solve the issue. If that is not the case please let me know.

Thanks for reporting the problem.