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Robot trajectory


When i am trying to run this, m getting error " path offset: Maximum acceleration exceeded". Does anyone know why this is happening and how to correct this. In short my offsets are not working.


in the link you post it’s said:

However, attempting to run this program will result in a runtime exception at the very beginning. While sine is a continuous function with continuous derivative (corresponding to continuous position and velocity profiles for the offset), the offset at the very first time step jumps from adding zero velocity, to adding a fairly large velocity (and is thus discontinuous at the first time step).

It is a requirement, that the applied offset is smooth, and does not force jumps in the robot velocity profile. Making a large jump in velocity between one time step and the next, would require accelerations that the robot is unable to produce.

A discontinuous velocity profile can be remedied by smoothly ramping into the sine wave. An easier approach, is to use the URScript function “path_offset_set_alpha_filter()

Could it be the problem?