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Continuing robot program with path_offset enabled

Hello guys,

When the robot is running the program and moving between two points without path_offset enabled you can pause and continue the program without the need to move back to the starting point of the motion. If path_offset is enabled it’s necessary need to restart the robot program.

Is there a possibility to continue the program? Anything i can do to avoid the necessary restart of the robot program?

I’'m not sure this is intended to be like this. Is this a known behavior?


Hi @andreas.enhuber,

I will expect the path_offset is sharing some properties with the conveyor tracking. So the reason is that by pausing the program the synchronization is already lost. However there is a lot of use cases for the online path offset where it would make sense to have the ability to resume.
For now I do not see a way around it. But I will let you know if I figure something out!