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Robot moves to another point than waypoint


Our robot moves at once to another waypoint in automatic mode, in hand mode it still moves to the good waypoint.

It looks like the robot change something with orientation.

Does someone know how this can happen.

Has the program run successfully before it started going to the wrong waypoint, or is this a new setup?


It did run wel, I see this same behaviour with other programs to.

Make sure this waypoint (and others) are not taught to any unexpected features, or TCPs. If you have multiple TCPs, programming and running can lead to some funky behavior that can be hard to track down. Each MoveJ/L/P will have the option of selecting a TCP to use, but I’ve found if I can accidentally set a different TCP as active during programming, and this leads to waypoints being incorrect when playing, but correct when jogging.

I agree with the mentioned comments above, seems to me that it is taught relative to a feature or the TCP is incorrect. look at your program and make sure that the program is wrote to move off of either the base or the feature you have chosen.

It should be easy enough to just recreate that movement and suppress the old one and run the program and see if it functions correctly.

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Thank’s this was the problem👍