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Oddity with Manual Program vs Running Program

This is on a CB3 with the latest version of the software. I have a program that we’ve been running for a while now. It’s programmed and all waypoints are specified on Plane 2, which matches up with the base. Then there are 2 other planes in different positions that use the same program. Recently, we redesigned the tool holder, which put the TCP in a different position. In doing so, we noticed that the plane definitions were in the wrong spots. I assumed they would be referenced to the original TCP, but they seem to be referenced to the base and don’t change with different TCP’s. This part is OK because the waypoints originate from the base.

We also shifted the table that holds our fixtures. This required going into the program and adjusting some of the waypoints. Here’s the issue…when I’m in manual mode, all the waypoints are correct, but when running the program, the waypoints that I didn’t touch are in the wrong spot. If I go to manual mode, move to the waypoint that’s already there and hit set waypoint, then ok, it now runs fine.

Maybe I don’t understand how exactly planes work, or maybe there’s some sort of bug that gets fixed when you hit set waypoint again. I don’t know, I’m at a loss. Our programs aren’t long, but we have a bunch of them, all of which have multiple planes that we need to redefine along with going through every waypoint and resetting them.

yes i think we got this also on UR10e lately. I believe it hapend because we tought our waypoints on plane 1 and retaugt it on the other planes but this messes up the program.

so i redid it myself. the cobot is at line five.

i firstly made a moveJ with plane one like first picture
then i taugt the waypiont at that position.

after that I made a new MoveJ comand. cause it is new it wil automaticly set feauture to base like 3th picture.
i copied pasted the waypoint one and pressed on set waypoint

Then i made a new MoveJ command
i copied the waypoint out of line 3

lastly i set plane 1 200mm backwards.

result is one waypoint for 3 different positions where I only have 2 planes

how to fix this IDK, it seems like if you reteach the waypoint on a different plane not all your waypoints will automaticly update.