Changing Payload

Hi, I am quite new to robotics and i am having an issue. We are using UR10e for palletizing and depalletizing operations.
When setting gripper on it takes a payload which i am not being able to change. I can use set payload command before turning the gripper on, but then which payload the robot takes?

They recently changed the way payload works and did a terrible job of implementation (in my opinion, of course).

In previous versions you could set payload and TCP at the same time in the same node along with other settings but not any more. Now there is a node ONLY for setting payloads.

Unfortunately UR did not think to make the required changes for the users who upgrade to the new version. You have to do it yourself. And if you DON"T do it your payloads will be effed up and (I believe) will use the Installation payload because your old payloads are greyed out.

I have dozens of programs and the changes after upgrading took hours when it didn’t need to. But I digress…

You need to find all those nodes you have pictured with a “Set Total Payload” box that is greyed out and add a Set Payload node either right before, right after or replacing the existing one.

If you ONLY have payload settings in that node you can just replace that node with a Set Payload node. That’s NOT the case in your screen shot.

If you also set a TCP or a digital/analog or other I/O setting in that node you will have to add the new node next to the old one (before it or after it). That IS the case in your screen shot so you’ll have to add a Set Payload node before or after that node.

Hey thank you for your response. It was really helpful.

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