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URScript, array of arrays/ list of lists

This would be helpful in indexing through such things as a list of inspection or pick sites.


you can use list of pose

Thanks, that takes care of the pick sites.

Now if there were a way to handle lists of 4 item lists of inspection regions, my problem would be solved.

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I’d second this request and add that it would be great to be able to store strings in lists as well. There are times that we could use that.

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URScript does as correctly observed only support 1D lists/arrays.
2D arrays which you are referring to are not supported.

You might use multiple lists or increment the pointer with 4 if this could be an option?

While there are practical workarounds, such a feature would sure simplify writing generic scripts.

If one can do lists of poses, it suggests that implementing other types of complex list might be fairly straightforward (after decades of coding, I should know better than to make such a statement without knowledge of the underlying code).

I’d also second this request. Especially the part about storing strings in lists. Right now it is not possible to call an xmlrpc method that returns two or more strings. Obviously it is possible to overcome this issue, but it would be a nice feature and permit for more generic code.

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