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Restricting user from accessing the urscript


We are working on creating a new urcap. We have referred to screw UR3 urcap which we got from Universal robot github repository.

While working on this we came across some points :

  1. When the parameters are initialized, for eg - Rotations is initialize the node will get green. After saving this file, script file is getting generated in ur simulator directory. We can able to access the script code written on backend of screw URCAP.

The procedure we have done is illustrated below:

  1. UR Screw Urcap is installed. Variables are initialised in program tree.
  2. This node is saved in a directory a screw.urp.
  3. In a ursim directory the script file is getting generated.

We can able to access this script file.

  1. Is there any way that the user cannot able to access the script file?
  2. Is there any API available to hide the urscript ?

Hello @rohan.more ,

There currently isn’t a method to hide the script code that is generated through a URCap. One possible solution may be to wrap the code you are wishing to hide into a daemon. This way the call to the daemon is visible but you can not see the code that is being ran. You can learn more about daemons through the MyDaemon example and through this forum.

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Thanks for clarifying doubts.
Actually We have tried with daemons where we can directly call script or python files using xmprpc. But in this method the python or script is directly accessible.
Can you please share any example or link where the script files will not be accesible to user.