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Requirement for running XML-RPC server

I sometimes have problems that XML-RPC server cannot be running on ursim.
I list requirements and check items for running XML-RPC server coded by python that I investigated on SW3.12(sdk 1.9.0)

  1. “runsvdir” symbolic link of each version in “etc/service” exists or not.
    If it don’t exist, ursim installation is not completed so python daemon cannot be running. Installation have to be done again.

  2. There is “execute” in permission of python file or not.
    It is required that permission is “-rwxr-xr-x” by doing “chmod u+x test.py” for example.
    “execute” of permission have to be given

  3. If carrige return (CR, “\r”) is included in python code file, python file cannot execute on python 2.7.
    If python code is edited on Windows, the below command have to be done
    to replace CR with empty on linux terminal.
    For example:
    ur@ursim:~$ sed -i ‘s/\r//g’ test.py