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TCP/IP Communication to a Client


I want to connect the UR to a PC application via TCP/IP sockets, but the interface of the PC application acts as a Client. I wonder if the UR can act as an TCP Server and how can I make the connection?

You could start a socket server listening for a connection from the PC client in a C++/Python daemon which could pass data to Polyscope.

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At the moment afaik the UR cannot be setup as a TCP/IP server only as TCP/IP client. If you want to setup a multi client communication between the robot and other machines you will have to make a auxiliary TCP/IP server to handle the communication between the UR and all the other machines.

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I would use the Modbus capability and integrate it over open source programs


Hi Ajp

I was reading how to program a socket server with phyton, and that’s ok, but i didn’t understand how can I pass that code with a daemon to poliscope? do you have more information to read about it?

Hi @jess_glez,

Easiest way is using the XMLRPC protocol. The link below contains some samples of how to set it up in the simplest form, just between a polyscope URP program and python script. You can then also look at the mydaemon URCap example which shows how to get the data back from the python Daemon in Java.