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Remote TCP G-code execution

When I load a Remote Toolpath (g-code) and run with the URCaps: Remote TCP and Toolpath function, the program runs very smoothly on the UR10e, even when the g-code has many G02 and G03 moves. Can someone explain how this is accomplished? Does the control interpret the G02 and G03 as arcs, defining the start and end point and applying a blend radius interpreted from the I and J values defined, or does it translate the arcs into many points and use nominal blend radii? When I upload g-code toolpath with G02 and G03, the program runs very smoothly at a constant speed. However, if I upload the same toolpath with g-code defining many points that define the curves required, the robot moves quite jerkily. Is there some secret to applying blend radii and feed-rate to make a smooth toolpath when converting arcs to points, for example, or making a toolpath using splines rather than arcs? Thanks for any help understanding this process and how the control reads and executes G02 and G03 commands.