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Regarding running ursim via vnc environment

Hi all,

I was experimenting with UR-simulator (ursim5.8.*) for doing hands on with respect to the IO part of it.
Unfortunately I am not able to see the GUI coming up via VNC setup (tight-vncserver). The errors are related to connection to DISPLAY port and exact error is mentioned in P.S.

Though I am able to run GUI if the simulator is started from console of a physical machine but it is impossible to access the physical machine’s console because of lock-down.

I tried the following options

  1. changed DISPLAY PORT setting in the terminal inside vnc and spawn GUI afterwards
  2. Used xvfb as a virtual X Window for JAVA GUI to use it
  3. Used Mesh central and teamviewer but it fails there too.
  4. Used a ursim Docker environment. (https://github.com/arunavanag591/ursim)

Can you please let me know if it can be done in some other way in a VNC environment.

The exact errors are
ERROR: Bundle com.ur.polyscope.platform.boot-g5 [2] Error starting reference:file:bundle/boot-g5-74.4.1104.jar (org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Activator start error in bundle com.ur.polyscope.g5 [31].)

java.awt.AWTError: Can't connect to X11 window server using ':1' as the value of the DISPLAY variable.

ERROR: Bundle com.ur.polyscope.g5 [31] Error starting reference:file:bundle/g5-10.8.391.jar (org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Activator start error in bundle com.ur.polyscope.g5 [31].)


I am having the exact same problem. As a workaround I set up RDP and that works fine. But would appreciate a solution for VNC.

Edit: actually RDP gets stuck on 100% at loading the GUI and there is a different error message:

16:28:14.002 WARN - Method used before correct value has been received from controller, returning default joint_max_accel (thread nit thread , loggerClass: gui.configuration.Configuration)
16:28:14.004 WARN - Ignoring any future reports of error (thread: Init thread , loggerClass: gui.configuration.Configuration)
16:28:14.037 ERROR - Crashed while loading {thread: Inii thread , loggerClass: gui.main.WRGOISInitihread) 
com.google.inject.ProvisionException: Unable to provision, see the following errors: 
1) Error injecting constructor, java.lang.NullPointerException: Canvas3D: null GraphicsConfiguration
 at gui.commandpanels.SafeHomeCard.einit>(SafeHomeCard.java:04) 
 while locating gui.commandpanels.SafeHomeCard 
 while locating com.ur.view.program.CommandPanelContribution annotated with Ocom.google.inject.multibindings.Element(setName.,uniqueId.97, type.MULTIBINDER, keyType.)
 at com.or.injection.Guice(linder.bindroExtensionPoint(Guicellinder.java:85) (via modules: com.ur.injection.Guicellinder -> com.google.inject.multibindings.Multibinder(RealMultibinder)
 while locating java.util.Set.cop.or.view.program.CommandPanelContribution>
   for the 1st parameter of com.or.program.edit.infrastructure.CommandTab.einit>(CommandTab.java:96)
 at com.ur.program.edit.infrastroctore.CommandTab.class(CommandTab.java:83)
 while locating com.ur.prograp.edit.infrasiructure.CommandTab
 at com.ur.program.edit.infrastroctore.GERightReplacement.einit>(GSRightReplacement.java:31)
 while locating com.ur.prograp.edit.infrastroctore.G5RightReplacement
   for the 1st parameter of com.or.program.edit.infrastructure.GERightToggle.einit>MRightToggle.java:25)
 while locating com.ur.program.edli.infrastrocture.GERightToggle
   for the 3rd parameter of com.ur.program.edii.infrastructure.G5SidePanels.einit>MSidePanels.java:26)
 while locating co.ur.program.edit.infrastructure.G5SidePanels
 while locating gui.tree.SidePlaceholders
   for the 4th parameter of gui.polyscope.program.ProgramPanel.einit>(ProgramPanel.java:110)
 at gui.polyscope.program.ProgramPanel.class(ProgramPanel.java:63)
 while locating gui.polyscope.program.ProgramPanel
   for the lot parameter of com.ur.view.program.execution.GotoExecutingNodellutton.einit>(GotoExecutingNodeButton.java 0)
 while locating com.ur.view.program.execution.GotoExecutingNodeButton

So RDP also doesn’t seem to work right ?