Read operating mode via Profinet

I have a UR10e connected to a Siemens PLC via Profinet and I need to check in the PLC what is the Robot operating state (Manual, Automatic or Remote), how can I do this?


Check out the Dashboard Server: Dashboard Server e-Series, port 29999 - 42728

Or check out the profinet guide: Profinet Guide - 20596

I Use ethernetIP, so I am not super familiar with the Profinet mapping, but it looks like you would use the 5th byte to get the robot mode:

in robot mode, it does not report the robot’s operating mode. My need is to know in the PLC if the UR, is in manual, automatic or Remote.

Some idea to achieve this

I don’t have a lot of experience with Siemens, but if you can set up a socket communication, you can still use the dashboard server on the robot I would imagine to get this data.

Sorry I can’t be much more help than that. I use Java and a URCAP to access the dashboard server. Never done it via a PLC or other remote connection.