Robotmode in Fieldbusregistermap via Ethernet/IP


Could someone tell me the details of robotmode in fieldbusregistermap?
what number is expected?


You can find it in the article below.

Remote Control Via TCP/IP - 16496 (

Please download excel sheet.


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Thank you very much for the information.



how can i read out those data from the Robot?

When I use the Robot setup (example from the UR website) the hardware configuration looks like this:

I can see “Robot Modes” but how can i see/ read, for example which is the actual loaded program or if the robot is in local or remote control?

Really need help with that.

Kind regards from Luxembourg

Check out the Dashboard server. It offers this kind of feedback: Dashboard Server e-Series, port 29999 - 42728

thank you for ur quick response.

yes, i know that these commands. If i use the “SocketTest” i also get the answers from the robot. That´s no issue at all.

My problem is, that i dont receive them at the PLC (Siemens S7 1212).

So I´m not to sure what I´m doing wrong, or what i have to change to get a feedback that i can even read