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Questions to notice regarding overlays

Will it be possible to revert the robot software to previous versions to allow compatibility? When access to the programming environment is restricted, interaction with a running program is reduced to the extremely crude operator assignment options…

At a minimum, it would be helpful to be able to include some html items such as selection lists, dropdown menus and buttons on the run screen while a program is running, otherwise addition of panels with physical buttons connected to a PLC and external HMIs become almost mandatory…

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The robot can only be downgraded to the original software version it was delivered with. Not further back from there, as there can be hardware or firmware changes that are “unknown” to an earlier software.

I will suggest you create a feature request for the functionality, that you would suggest.
Consider that Swing is the form of implementation, and is not platform flexible.

Our system uses OpenGL to draw GUI. We currently show an overlay window that is correctly shown and hidden with the show/hide tab events from Polyscope.
We understand that X-window overlay may be a problem, but our question is:
if we write a Java plugin that is rendering our custom UI entirely inside the assigned bounds of the program node and the installation node, would that be acceptable?