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GUI overlays and buttons

Hi all,

Is this type of on-screen overlay shown in the Robotiq instructional video within the capabilities of URCaps, or is it something else? If affirmative, any ideas how to achieve overlays like that?



Overlays like the one shown above is not supported by the current API (v.
UR does not recommend to create overlays or exceed the possibilities given by the API.
If done so, the graphical performance may drastically decrease and we cannot give any forward compatibility.

What about displaying an HTML based GUI in this screen, as an extension of the “Assignment->Prompt” option.

The point is being able to hide unnecessary complexity and/or password protect the programming environment, yet still provide prepackaged functionality. Is it possible?



Hi @nicolas

This is currently not possible.
But you are most welcome to check out the Feature Request category, and add a feature request there.