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NOTICE: Supported and non-supported GUI elements in URCaps

The URCaps SDK (1.0, 1.1 and 1.2) supports implementation of two PolyScope GUI contributions; an installation node, and a program node. Both contributions are graphically designed in a subset of HTML.

Some URCaps are today relying on other GUI components, not covered by the HTML subset.
E.g. based on a Swing implementation, to create custom images, graphics, and even other components, such as full screen overlays, toolbars and popups.

To ensure platform flexibility and provide a homogeneous looking UI for the user, the possibility to rely on other layout styles than HTML will be restricted in the future. Hence, UR only recommends to develop URCaps using the functionality given by the SDK.

Please note, that overlays or other non-supported GUI elements will be blocked from a future software version.
All developers will be notified a number of months in advance through this forum, to allow migration time.
We recommend migrating new and existing URCaps to only use HTML based layout, allowed by the SDK.

If you encounter any GUI related functionality, that is currently not covered by the SDK, which you either currently use or expect to use in a future URCap, please post this as a feature request.
The feature request must be stated under the Feature Request category, and in the following format:

  • Title of feature request
  • Description of feature as use case
    As a UR+ < role > I would like < this feature > so it can < give some benefit >
    E.g. As a UR+ vision system developer, I would like ability to have slider input elements, so it can allow the user easily to adjust contrast and saturation settings within the allowed range.
  • Optional technical details
    E.g. if there are specific technical requirements.
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Following the release of PolyScope 3.6, PolyScope 5.0 and the new URCaps SDK 1.3, URCaps are now able to build Java Swing based user interfaces on the contributions: Program Node, Installation Node and Toolbar.
This feature adds the functionality that some UR+ Developers have been missing, which has led them create overlays or other non-supported UI components on top of PolyScope.

With this new release, going forward UR will enforce the use of the URCaps supported UI frameworks (HTML or Swing).
In order for a URCap to become or remain Certified after November 1st 2018, the URCap must not implement overlays to achieve functionality which could be achieved using the supplied SDK UI tools.

General requirements and guidelines for which products qualify for UR+ Certification can be found in the What is a UR+ Product?-article. Also take note, that URCaps for e-Series must be in compliance with the URCaps Style Guide.