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Qnear are for flange and not for the TCP pose

Hi all,

I have create an URcap which use a MoveJConfigBuilder.
But in some case i have detect a bad calculation of get_inverse_kin. When i have searched why, i have detected that the qnear value in the script are for the position of the flange at the place of my TCP pose and not from current position.

To make test, i have changed the parameter of the moveJ node from ActualTCP to Tool Flange : the AutoMove tab show me the deplacement that he want to do (picture) ! In fact : the joint position inside my waypoint is not the correct one. I want to have the joint position of my TCP pose, and i have the joint position of the tool flange at the position of my TCP.


Do you have any idea why it works like this ? Is it a problem with my configuration of MoveJConfigBuilder or my WaypointNodeConfig ?

I am using the versions 3.14