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Editing Pose and jointPositions

I am developing a URCap where a prompt the user for a position using RobotPositionCallback(). The generated Pose will be edited afterwards and added to a waypoint using:
FixedPositionDefinedWaypointNodeConfig createFixedPositionConfig(Pose poseIncludingTcp, JointPositions qNear, BlendParameters blendParameters, WaypointMotionParameters waypointMotionParameters);

But as I understand jointPosition will this not differ from the Pose after edited? And why do I need to specify the jointPosition, is the Pose not enough? Is the jointPosition not just another way to specify the robot position?

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with both joint positions and pose the resulting pose is more unambiguous. See “Singularity”.

There are multiple JointPositions that can result in the same Pose, i.e. consider the Elbow joint being either up or down, but the TCP Pose is unchanged.
JointPositions when used as `qNear" will make the algorithm choose the JointPositions, that is closest to the specified qNear. So the qNear does not have to exactly be the same location as the Pose.