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Python daemon - MODBUS output signal driven by program running status


We are developing a URCAP, I’m interfacing with a MODBUS device, there is a robot ready signal that I wish to be automatically driven high when the robot program is running.

When the robot program is paused, there are any errors, the program is stopped or the robot is e-stopped this signal needs to be driven low.

Can you provide an example of the easiest way to achieve this?


Hi @ephillips

In the installation tab, under I/O setup, find the output you want to configure (be it a MODBUS signal, digital I/O etc), and under the “Action In Program” drop down, select “High when running-low when stopped”, this should give you the functionality you’re looking for.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for this, I will upgrade the software of the robot I’m working with as assigning these behavior’s to MODBUS signals is not possible in this version.

which version of polyscope are you on?