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ProgramNodes can detect when removed or suppressed

As an UR+ developer I would like via the SDK to detect when a user has removed/disabled a programnode from the program tree by either deleting, cut or suppressing the node.
Since I wan’t to be able to handle global states correctly after the node has disappeared. I find this feature to be quite important since a program node even though deleted aren’t disposed/freed from memory right away.


Is there a workaround for this? Or any plan to implement it?


i absolutely agree this would be a nice feature.
i’m actually using urcaps capsuled inside a urcap which can manage the deletion of child urcap nodes as a workaround for that but i don’t know if that fits your needs.
functions like onDelete() or onSupress() inside the Contribution class, triggered just before calling the action would be nice :slight_smile:

Hi there! I agree with @dhv . I think this, as well as other related node information, should have a easy way to be accessed.
For the URCap I’ve been develping I needed to know the total count of my nodes that were active (not supressed) in the user program.

These were some of my needs and the things I found out:

  • My program needs to know my node count nearly from the beginning of the user code

  • My URScript generation Java methods are called when the user press play or when the program is saved

  • Installation node is called first, the each ‘active’ (non supressed) node in the order it appears in the tree.

After some researching I ended up with the following workaround:

  • In my Installation Node URScript generation Java method: I reset to 0 a Java variable to hold the count, defined in the installNodeContrib class.
  • In the URScript generation Java method for each of the nodeContrib I want to count, I increased this var
  • Each time this Java var is updated, it is passed via socket to a Python daemon, using JSON in my case
  • This daemon sends this count to the user program script code, at runtime. How? I connect python daemon with robot via RTDE. And in the Script generation for my installation node I define and run a thread that continuosly checks this value from RTDE and updates a global variable. This variable I use later in the URScript generated for each node.

Long way… should be an easier one, right?

If you need help with this tell me.

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I would like to second this request. The proposal of @dmartin shows how much extra work is needed just to get an actual count of his nodes. We need to figure out which exact nodes are active/passive/deleted for communicating and visualizing correctly with our backend , which is even more work, if at all possible.

Best Thomas


I would also like to second this request.
I would like to have a thread that runs as long as the node is active, but it just keeps running as it is now.

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