Profisafe alongside ROS2 driver or RTDE

is it possible to use either RTDE or the universal robot ROS2 driver alongside the UR Profisafe integration for PLC?
We would like to use RTDE for Robot control while simultaneously monitor the safety-issues via a PLC.

Thanks for your answer

I am not sure what the Profisafe integration uses. I know that there are issues with running the driver alongside an Ethernet/IP fieldbus. Is there a chance for you to quickly try it?

It seems that it does not work. I get the following error when using the universal robot ROS2 driver:

[ur_ros2_control_node-1] [ERROR] [1662981445.104320262] [URPositionHardwareInterface]: Unable to read from hardware…

Is it possible to do a workaround to still use the driver and profisafe in parallel?

Unable to read from hardware seems not like something that should happen when there’s an RTDE conflict (or at least not the only thing). Is there no earlier error?