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Ethernet IP and Profinet conflicts

Hello fellow forum users.

We have an enquiry at present which potentially requires communicating to 2 separate PLCs via 2 different communication channels, namely profinet and EthernetIP. We have never tried to communicate using both protocols simaultaneously, and are wondering if anyone has experienced mixing protocols, whether there are any problems to watch out for, or whether there is any situations which we should avoid.



Since they are using the same registers only one of the PLCs will be able to connect to the robot at one time. This is similar to how you used to not be able to use RTDE and a PLC at the same time until they made the RTDE only registers.

A second PLC may be able to listen to the registers but won’t be able to interact with them.


Hi Matt,

We had wondered if this would cause a problem, so thanks for confirming. I guess we will have to get a little creative with this one!


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