Profinet IO Device: Not running

when I activate Profinet, the LED is red and the text is: Not running.
Should be yellow, where is the problem?

Good morning @kondratenko,

Is ur robot connected to a PLC?
How does the HW-Config looks like?

I´ve connected my UR10e to a Siemens PLC:

It´s working fine.
GIve it a try.
Hopefully this will help ya.

Greetings from Luxembourg! :slight_smile:

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the yellow lamp should also light up without a cable,
why am I red?
with the ping i can find the robot, but profinet is not working, why?

Hi @kondratenko
did u try following:

Instead of writing ur The Robots IP-Adress at the “IP Adress”, did u try to write it to “Default gateway”?
Try this one out.

On ur Pic it says “Screen is locked by PROFINET/ Profisafe”. Could this b an issue?
I´m not using Profisafe…

If I enter under “Default gateway”, then press the Apply button, nothing is saved

Do you have both “Profinet” AND “Ethernet” activated?

I have Profinet activated only

Hello @kondratenko

What Polyscope Version are you running?

Polyscope Version is : URSoftware (Jun 20 2022)

There was an update in the mean time:

I have this one running on my robot and the error does not appear under the circumstances you have described.
Maybe an update resolves the issue.

After the update everything works!
Great, many thanks for everyone, many thanks Mr. Kollmannsberger!

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