Problems when approaching a point (saved as an installation variable): Joints are moved

hi toogether,

I saved a location as an install variable so I can access that location from different programs.

Now I have the problem that the TCP coordinates are correct, but the joint positions are changed every time.

I define a point in space (n_20) by teaching the robot.

In the next step, I assign the value of n_20 to an installation variable (n20): n20=n_20.

When I approach n_20, the joints have the following positions (Image 1), and when approaching n20 the others (Image 2).

Why does a robot have to change its joint positions anyway? And how can this be avoided?

Thank you in advance for your advice!


All robots can actually reach a point with different joint posotions, i think that is what is happening here ,depending how near the robot is to the point it will take one or the other.

If you wanna make sure it always takes the same trajectory , you can make the point as joint positions instead of X,Y,Z,Rx,Ry,Rz so no matter the trajectory it will always reach the joint positions ,but joint position movements doesn´t take care of the TCP so if you actually want the robot to reach that point with your desired TCP, its better to just make a joint position point right before your actual point and you will always make sure it reaches the point with the same configuration.

Hope this helps, and sorry for explanation, its not very clear