Achieving a different joint positions for same tcp position

Hi there, I’m just starting out on. My ur journey and my issue is that I need the arm to reoriantate the joints so it can reach into a box without touching the sides for different positions. Manually it goes between the waypoints and poses beautifully but when it is running some of the joints will do a 180 and it will achieve the same tcp position but with my joints in the wrong place. No matter how many and how close the way points are it will still do a flip. Is there an easy way or do I have to use a script to achieve my move. ?

Thanks Sam

What type of movements are you having it use? Are you using the Move Program Node provided by UR? You may want to look at using a combination of MoveJs and MoveLs to get the precise movement you are looking to achieve. MoveJ will go to the exact joint positions you set when you create/update the waypoint, while MoveL will go to the point in space but the exact joints may not be exactly the same as when you set them.

thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I have changed it from a single move type to a combination and it now does exactly what i want it to. This is all very new to me but i am really enjoying the challenge.

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