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Can't get there from here

I have an application where I pick up a part, twist it 90 degrees to put on a gage, then possibly twist it another 90 degrees to place on an outgoing rack. The workspace is fairly tight.
I can get the robot to work through the process, and I’ve been experimenting with various intermediate points. However, I still find that when I go to repeat the cycle, or even reverse it, I quickly get to a point where it’s sending the TCP to the same point, but with a completely different joint pose, so it will either fail or I’ll have to stop it before it crashes.

I assume this is a relatively common issue. Other than lots of experimenting with intermediate waypoints, is there a good strategy for dealing with this?

Maybe you can use the “Use joint angles” selection shown below. Also take a look at this article Universal Robots - What is a singularity?

Thanks. I looked at all that, and had myself convinced that I was just working too close to the robot’s base axis, so had about decided that I needed to move the robot base to a new position.
However, I checked the TCP - it was set the same as a similar unit (configuration was probably just copied from the other unit) and it was not correct.
I reset the TCP, then reconfigured the planes & points I was using, and now all appears to be working correctly.

Basics are important :slight_smile:

I’m still wondering just what the “use joint angles” option does.

Use joint angles will put the robot in the same position regardless of the selected tcp.

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