Problems after power on robot controller


I have a problem after poweing on the robot controller.
Everytime the controler is started, the installation of the robot is not saved (data name with the * at the end).

This is the reason why I can’t start initialisation over PLC.
After saving the installation, it is possible to initialisate the robot with the PLC.

What could be the reason, why the installation is not saved after every restart.
I didn’t changed anything.

Hi @steven.sonne,

that shouldn´t b an issue.
I can reset and initialize the Robot after powering on (reset by PLC) even tho the installation ends with “*”.

Are u resetting the Robot via a sequence, triggered by the PLC (signals send via Dashboard Server?).

No, I use the function of the installation to trigger the initialisation of the robot.

In auto start i selected auto init and the trigger variable comes from the bit register (PN signals vom PLC).


I don’t know why, but the problem is solved.
Without any changes.

I can make auto init via PN with not saved installation.

I don’t know what the problem was.