Does Startup Installation have to be named Default?

When we start the robot (UR5e), it always starts with the default.installation active.
This robot was set up using default_1.installation for the programs we run.

If we don’t remember to load a program before fully starting the robot, then as soon as
we load a program, it goes to Power Off state because the installation has changed, so we
have to reinitialize.

I could copy/rename the installation to default and re-save all the programs with that installation,
but was wondering if there was a way to have the unit power up with the desired installation.


Yes, the robot had to start with the default.installation. It needs to verify before starting it. But if you want you can use the startup function in the installation


You have to:

  1. Load your default. installation
  2. A popup opens, click on “Use for now”
  3. Check and select the program you want to start
  4. Save only the default.installation

Thanks to that, it will load your program with the installation default_1


Technically, the robot always starts in the default installation. However, if you select program to auto-load that uses a different installation, it will load that new installation for you. So, if you have Program B that uses Installation B, you can do the following:

  1. Open the default installation, go to the start-up tab of it, and select Program B to automatically load.

  2. Save the default installation, and restart the robot. When it starts up, you should momentarily see “default” next to the installation, and then you’ll see Program B and Installation B come up.

I would recommend you still set your tcp and payload correctly on the default installation in case someone makes a change to the program to open at start-up, or you need to write some test programming in the default installation.

Edit: I misread jha’s comment above, but now realize they are describing the same technique.

Thanks for the info.
I think since we only use 1 installation and all our other robots just use the default, that it makes sense to just copy this one as default.installation and re-save the 6 or 8 programs we use with that installation.