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Problem with g-code. Lack of 3rd rotation

Im testing the capabilities of G-code in e-series UR16. For generate g-code I use Fusion 360.
For planar toolpath everything is okay but i have problem when i want to make more coplicated move using function “multi-axis contour” - robot get crazy.
When i want to draw a circle keeping the tool in the outer position - It draws a circle in its own way, does not keep the tool position in the position indicated in the simulation.

I think it’s the fault of the lack of 3rd rotation in the g-code generated in fusion360. The robot tries to keep it in a fixed position, so it does not follow the trajectory assigned to it.
All of postprocesors generate only 5axis g-code.

Is there any sollution to figure it out ?
Is there any 6-axis postprocesor what can I use/test ?


Hello Wojciech!

UR recently released a post-processor for Fusion 360: https://www.universal-robots.com/articles/ur/remote-tcp-toolpath-urcap-post-processor-configuration-using-autodesk-fusion-360-on-e-series/. Have you tried this one?

Would you mind sharing your Fusion 360 file including the multiaxis contour operation? I will try to replicate what you want to do and see if there is a solution.

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I already use this postprocesor for fusion 360.
This is file including multiaxis contour.
Test_circle v1.zip (97.1 KB)

I would be grateful for every tip.

Thank you for sharing the file!

I tried the UR post-processor for Fusion 360, but the resultant Z-orientation was not correct. It requires some further investigation.

I tried some other post-processors that are included in the Fusion 360 post library and found the one for Fanuc worked well in this case.

I just had to remove a few lines of code at the beginning of the NC file so that the robot does not travel to the origin of the part system before starting the toolpath motion. Here are the original and modified versions for your reference.

NC Files.zip (12.0 KB)

Let me know if it works for you or not.

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Everything work as I wanted. Much Thanks for your help; I wouldn’t have come up with the idea of ​​using the fanuc postprocessor to generate g-code for UR. :slight_smile:

Great job,

Glad to know it worked! Thank you for confirming.

There are some other post-processors you can try as well, such as the one for Hurco. During testing, we found that the i, j, k convention worked better than the A, B, C convention for specifying the tool orientation. The post-processors for Fanuc and Hurco both use the i, j, k convention.

If you want to try the post-processor for Hurco, make sure to change the file extension from .hnc to .nc.