How to make the TCP follow a 3D curve for motion simulation? Can we use a 3-axis G-code?


I am trying to simulate a motion for a project I’m working on and it requires me to trace the TCP on a 3D curve in a controlled manner throughout the path rather than connecting waypoints. The motion range is not too huge so I am not worried about the pose constraints or singularities. Imagine drawing on a 3 ft x3 ft curved whiteboard - that would be the motion space.

Since this motion is similar to that of a 3-axis CNC I am trying to figure out a way to extract the g-code from CAD/CAM software where I can sketch the 3D toolpath and export a .nc file (currently have license for SolidWorks Professional). The TCP can spin freely about z-axis so in a way I’m not restraining the pose too much. The toolpath generator provided by UR only works for 2D path (or 2.5 axis). Are there any resources I can use to export a 3-axis G-code for a curve as simple as the one below? This is my first venture into programming so any relevant inputs are appreciated.

P.S I did look into the script manual but my project involves simulating several 3D motions back to back on any given day so I am looking for a quicker/shorter turnover in creating programs.