Problem Calibration.config after update

Hello all.

I have a robot with problem after update in the polyscope. My cobot had polyscope 3.6 after the update to 3.15 feature problem C213A0, No kinematic Calibration found.

This robot already had 928 hours without any problem.

Does anyone know what could be happening?


  1. Did you do the update incrementally (3.6 to 3.7 to 3.8, etc)?
  2. OR did you attempt to jump directly from 3.6 to 3.15 with one update? Jumping in this fashion almost never works.
  3. The only way to jump is to re-image a USB drive with the 3.15 version and then plug that in and boot with it, initialize the arm to update joint firmware. If you attempted #2 above then you have probably corrupted the robots polyscope version or more likely joint firmware. In this case the only remedy would be to return to a UR service center.

IF you did #3 then it seems you don’t have the original calibration.conf file for the robot (possibly). You can contact your distributor or UR service to get the calibration.conf file (unless you have a backup of it from the original USB drive).

Hi bba.

Thank you for the informations.

I did step by step, actually we did it in another robot also had the same problem.

I think after update the polyscope is corrupting or with a problem in the firmware generated by the UR.

Do you see any difference in waypoint positions?
This is only warning about missing factory calibration file. Warning was actually introduced in 3.6. Possibly robots worked without factory calibration files before, but log level in polyscope was set to “error” only.

Hi mmi.

Yes, before updating the robots any problem but after update the robot running two hour apresenting thats fault on log.

After this fails C26 it’s showing and robot not run, I made a new image of the robot in version 3.6 and everything returned to be ok without failures, I believe that some add folder in the updates are causing problems in the equipment.

The robot will operate without the original calibration.conf file but the waypoints might be off. The C26 error you got after upgrading is a separate issue. C26 is from motor encoder index pulse missing and the latest polyscope software is more strict at evaluating the health of the encoders. So this error is probably indicative of a potential problem with that joint and the only remedy would be to have the joint repaired or replaced. You should contact your distributor and see what they can do for you if you do indeed want to update to polyscope 3.15.

sorry bba, I don’t understand waypoint off. The distributor is sugering to exchange the joint.

What I mean is “the waypoint is off target from it’s intended location”.

Hi ebba.

I’m understand but when I do new image on 3.6 its rolls again.

I made some measurements on the encoder with an oscilloscope and it is reading all the time, the only thing that I found different was the variation of the encoder pulse, which measures 6.5 volts and falls to 5.7 volts, but I did not find a plausible way for this problem to be happening.

would you have a file to share with me of the operating voltages of this encoder.

You will not be able to get that type of information from UR. I would follow advice of distributor and exchange joint. There are no field replaceable parts within the joint.