Kinematics changed upgrading from CB3 to CB3.1 motherboard

Hi all,

We recently upgraded a customers robot from a CB3 robot to a CB3.1, and its encountered some issues. We took a full backup fo the robot and loaded all the same programs back on once we had finished the installation, though when loading programs again we encountered a problem.

Upon loading any of the old programs, the robot flashed a popup to say that the robots kinematics had changed, and that waypoints must be updated. This shifted all the waypoint in the program up in base Z, causing the old programs to no longer function correctly.

As a CB3 robot, it was running polyscope 3.1.17779, we upgraded to 3.15 when upgrading the motherboard. Nothing about the joint hardware of the robot has changed, so we are at a loss for what is causing this issue.

Any suggestions/questions are welcome.