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Problem with editing planes

I have a problem with editing plane on UR5e
I’m able to create a new plane or edit existing one only by setting 3points.
What I need to do is to edit values of the plane directly. I should be possible.

I did it on another UR5. Now i miss the edit button in INSTALLATION>Features. When I’m trying to use the plane in a script in a program, “_const” is added to plane name automaticly.

Is anyone familiar with such problem?

Hi @wekert,

This is one of features which E-series is different from CB3. You will not see the checkbox for making the plane as a “variable” anymore. Instead, if you just want to get the original values of the plane you taught, just use the Plane_1_const from the dropdown list for Pose. If you want to make the taught plane as a variable which means you want to modify the its values, go to the dropdown list of Variable and choose the name of Plane_1 directly.

Hi sya,
Thank you for the quick response. That doesn’t however solve my problem.
What I need to do is to modify a for examle a Plane1 in a program and then be able to use it in moving to point by hand using “move here” button.The feature of the MoveJ instruction is set to Plane1. Now when i stop the program, robot uses the unmodified Plane1

I have not tried this but you’ll most likely need to calculate the new plane yourself, there are topics on here with the math required. The challenge would be can you set the plane pose equal to the new value and have the feature that’s used in the MoveJ use that newly calculated feature.

We get around this by just doing the math to the actual points using pose_trans() and then storing the points as relative to the calculated plane feature. Not sure if this helps

Hi mbush,
Thank you.Sorry for late response. I was on vacation.
For now i managed to do everything without editing plane values directly. Calculating the plane is not a problem. The problem is using it later outside the program. I will check your method in next project.

Using ‘move here’ within command tab of polyscope (while teaching) will not allow this. The feature that the move node waypoints are programmed relative to are constants (plane1_const as SYA pointed out). The only way to change this is via polyscope and it has to change within the .urp and memory. This is not possible from some outside source by recalculating plane1 or whatever.

I know thet "move here’ command will not allow this. However in older version I was able to manually write numerical values of the plane based on calculations. Without that it’s really hard to complete my task

Hi there @wekert !

I’m not sure if I understand completely what you’re trying to do, but lets see if I can help.

As @sya was saying, e-series robots changed the way they treat planes. Back on CB3 planes were fixed by default, unless you change them to behave as a variable plane. On e-series, every plane is treated as a variable.

This actually makes it easier when you need to change values or create new assignments. Since the planes are variable, you can make an assignment directly to your “Plane_1” to modify their values manually according to your calculations.

Lets take the following as an example, I have created a Plane_1 on my simulator:

If I go to the robot program and play an empty program, you’ll see the values of the Plane listed in the Variables tab

You can change its values with different methodologies, but the most direct one is to add an assignment and type your calculated values based on the position vector we just saw on the Variables tab. Les say for example that you want to change the Rotation in Z by .2 rads, you’ll have something like this:

Therefore, if we create a new variable with the Original Plane_1 value and compare it with the new Plane_1, you’ll see that the Plane_1 is now modified with the .2 on the RZ position.

I hope this helps, keep us updated!

Hey @rodrigo.saenz !
I’'m sorry I reply so late. I’ll check your solution next time, I’ll have access to the cobot.

However I remember, that when the plane was calculated by program, I could see it in variables and use the calculated planes in move instructions, but i still couldn’t use this values in moving by hand (as if cobot used old values). I was using E-series