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Pose list access


I would like to know if I can access the pose list in script code.

For example, if I write script: “var1 = digital_in[0]” , I can read the digital in [0] in var1.

My question is if I can somehow access the pose 0 of the pose list, and read the coordinates of this point.

Thank you.

There’s not a master list of poses, you would have to know the variable name of the pose you are trying to access. If it’s a Polyscope waypoint, you can always reference the waypoint and use it in script by using the Pose section of the formula builder. If you are trying to access from pure script a waypoint taught in Polyscope you will have to assign it to a variable first, then you can access in script. Polyscope writes the waypoint directly into the move command when it converts from what you see on the screen to script to be executed.