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Access pose list to re-teach positions without program modification

Dear all:

I am integrating in my company’s production lines URs since 2016, and i have faced challeging situations with teach positions. I would like to know if there is a posibility to access to all Poses to design a effective way of teaching positions for operators, that means that a person without programming knowledge can access just to a positions menu to correct or teach a position without looking for the Pose inside the code.

I am curious to read your Suggestions

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One thing that you could do is put all poses in the before start section of the program under an If statement with the logic just set to False, then they would have one place to go for all poses. You would just name them with logical names and then use them in the program where you need them. This could just be any critical waypoints that they need to potentially adjust, not air motion where there would be much less need to adjust often. Just one suggestion for a solution.

Hello mbush

Thank you for your reply, i have also thought somenthing like that, i have another question concerning this topic, do you know if it is possible to read all Pose Variables from a Script or from a function?


Unfortunately in UR poses are really not stored as variables. If you were to take a Polyscope program where you have a move and then look at the actual script that is generated you will see that where we see something like


what that actually becomes in the script is

$ 36 "MoveJ"
$ 37 "Waypoint_1" 
movej([-1.1954197978602048, -1.4462029068464544, -1.7438642058320752, -1.5067850312761504, 1.5605312548203099, 0.403731403044906], a=17.453292519943293, v=2.0943951023931953)   
$ 38 "Waypoint_2"
 movej([-1.7828379429178423, -1.4915364270021687, -1.655299040710842, -1.5379899816368567, 1.505205126213566, -0.17017616978678518], a=17.453292519943293, v=2.0943951023931953)

So as you can imagine there are no variables to query or a list of poses available like on other robots that I have worked with.

Thank you for the information i had also review the program script, and i found no reference to a variable. During the last couple of days i have been trying some acceptable solution to our customer nevertheless seems there is no official and easy way to do it. thank you very much for your time.

PS: If you know how to modify a pose while running the program without using the command move and selecting variable would be also good to know. The problem that i am facing is that for this project i have the software designed with waypoints and of course changing them to variables would be too much work, considering that the software is long enough and of course i would have the risk to have a type error, so change to a variable would be no solution

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