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Offset Waypoint Relative to a Feature Plane

Hi All,

Im trying to offset a defined waypoint thought w.r.t a feature plane. We would have normally done this by setting the plane as a variable and moving the plane in the x/y direction required.

With the newer version of Polyscope, this variable plane feature is not an option any more.
How can I realize this with the functionality available.


Taught features are variable by default now.

If you have a plane feature, Plane_1, and add an assignment node or open the variable drop-down, you’ll see Plane_1 listed there. You can then edit as normal.

The actual position of the feature is available as a pose, Plane_1_const, if you needed access to the coordinates of the feature relative to the base frame.

Thanks for that info. But I’m still unclear how I add an offset to a way point and get it to move in the plane.
Do I do a trans pose on plane and offset, then moveL plane, way point?

You move the feature (variable) by assigning it a new value. p[x,y,z,rx,ry,rz]. The waypoints in a move that has this feature selected will move with the feature

Check out the e-Learning for more details.


Hi, so what I ended up doing was saving the feature plan to a variable, modifying the feature plane constant by using pose_trans, doing a move w.r.t the updated feature plane, then resetting the feature plane constant to the saved variable