PolyScope waypoint error

Hello forums,

We have a single program running on our UR10 welder setup that has been designed to weld a variety of parts on jig table, we have many waypoints ( almost 2000 ) and are in the process of adding more as was add additional parts. Recently I have been getting an error when deleting waypoints. The way I like to structure my program is to have folders that contain each weld , two L moves and a P move in between for the actual weld process, in order to save time what I do is copy a previous weld ( with assigned waypoints ) and then I add new waypoints in each of the move commands and then delete the previous assigned waypoints , which makes it a lot faster to program ( being able to keep moves in folders and the same speed settings for each weld )

I have recently encountered an error / popup from polyscope when deleting previously assigned waypoints,
almost all of the error messages appear with a similar first line jave.lang.NullPointerException" , I have attached photos of the error below

The message is sometimes different but from what i have found it most often occurs from deleting waypoints in Pmoves and only when i delete the way point from the ‘delete waypoint’ button
n the command tab for the Pmove ( the error does not occur if i delete the waypoint with the ‘delete’ button from the structure tab.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this error is and how to fix it and any consequences of it ?


I now have a new issue , it has happened now twice on the same program while programming,
The confirm pose button was not displayed after setting the physical pose, there was no other way to leave the page apart from forcing the robot to shut down,

Hello ,

Is there anyone who would be able to comment about this ?
I am also encountering another issue where polyscope may ocassionally add previously assigned waypoints when I am adding new waypoints, ( I am currently at waypoint 3560 and I copy and pasted some other sections of code to set up a structure and then went to add new waypoints and it started adding points at 3300 , I then noticed the error and undid the added points then saved and reopened the program and now the points continue from 3560 )

Is there any known issues with programs of a large size or with significant number of waypoints ?