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Bug when setting waypoint

Greetings – I found what seems to be a bug today.

If I’m creating a new waypoint, and add it to my node tree, and give it a name, then click “Set Waypoint” on the right panel, I’m taken to the screen where I can move the robot to the new waypoint, but there is no green checkbox (or red cancel) for me to use to confirm or cancel the waypoint. The only “way out” seems to be to reboot the robot. I reproduced this error three times. Thank you!

Only thing I can think of is to try setting you Feature relative to Base.

That will assign axes to the arrows and may make the OK / Cancel buttons show up.

I’ve created hundreds of waypoints this way and have never had the issue you describe. What version of Polyscope are you using?

:edit: I tried changing my Feature to View then creating a waypoint and it had the OK / Cancel buttons so that prolly wont work.

What steps, exactly, are you using to duplicate this?

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve also created hundreds of waypoints and never had this before today. To reproduce I:

  • Open a program
  • Move robot to an existing waypoint
  • Add a new waypoint to node tree
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the waypoint name
  • Backspace to delete the entire default waypoint name (this seems required, without deleting the whole thing, I can’t reproduce) until the input field turns pink
  • Enter a waypoint name
  • Click the blue “Set Waypoint” button

Using version: (July 10 2019)

I couldn’t replicate it. I’m on v 5.8 (March 2020).

Are the Program, Installation and other tabs at the top greyed out so you can’t get out of the move screen when this happens?

Cant imagine it would be the name of the waypoint, but that’s the only other thing I can think of as a user.

Yep. Got yourself a good one there! Sorry I couldn’t help.

Here’s a small gif that shows how to reproduce (at the end, I get the screen in the screenshot above)

Correct, the tabs at the top are all greyed out. The only way I’m found to continue is to restart the robot.

Thanks again for your help!

I thought it might be that you weren’t hitting Submit but turns out you don’t need to. It Submits as soon as you go off that screen and the OK / Cancel buttons are there.

You can see everything grey out when you click Set Waypoint.


Good thought — I didn’t try hitting submit, that might avoid it, I didn’t test that. If I don’t completely delete the default waypoint name, that also avoids it.

So if you backspace and leave the first letter in the default name, it doesn’t do that? What if you swipe over the existing name to select it all then type your name?

That should make it a little easier for tech support to track down.