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Waypoints management Problems

I have 4 similar robot programs . There are 2 set of waypoints , “Share waypoints” and “independent waypoints” ,

I need change and update all 4 robot programs with same “Share waypoints” when one of robot program waypoints is updated.

Also there are many set of “share waypoints” , let say, “Product A” use “Share waypoints - Set A”,“Product B” use “Share waypoints - Set B”.

All the waypoint data are collected form the polyscope.

What is the easiest way for me to update,management ,store all the waypoint data (like a database system) in Polyscope?

Thank you a lot!!

Hi @william_tiu,

I think the best way to do this would be to use installation variables. They are not program specific but rather are installation file specific. This means that any programs which use the same installation file will have access to these variabels. Unfortunately this wil make teaching points more tedious, as rather than teaching a point in the program node, you will have to switch to the installation file, teach the point, go back to the program, select “Variable Waypoint” as the waypoint type, then select the variable you just taught.

You have 2 options when it comes to defining installation variables, you can teach them as either features under the features section (which I would reccommend) or you can go to variables (under general if you’re on an e-series) and enter the raw (x, y, z, rx, ry, rz) values. The latter option will be even more tedious, so I would recommend using the feature approach.

Hope this helps.

It is a good idea to using installation variables. However it may cause some problems in operation . Sometime , we would like to let the worker to adjust the position by themselves(thank for UR teaching point function), when using installation variables , it will lose part of such function because not all the worker have enough skills set to edit the variable. So l am finding some ways to let the worker use the robot much easier.

In the future , I suggest UR can add some a database-like waypoints management system, so we can update and manage the waypoints much easier

Thank you for your reply~