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Wire a PNP sensor to controller

I have a keyence 3 wire pnp sensor connected to the controller as follows:

The (I/O tab) digital Input stays highlighted (blue) no matter if a part is present or not. When a metal object is hovered over the sensor my sensor LED turns off and on as it should, but the UR DI controller display stays highlighted reflecting a HIGH result when no object is in front the sensor. Any ideas?

Im 99% sure the black wire needs to go to DI0 and the blue to 0V.
Unless the wiring diagram states otherwise.

The cobot is a PNP system so it should work fine.

When wired this way the Digital Input stays grey when the sensor has a metal object in front of it. But the sensor LED turns on/off when flashing an object.

Thats not right.

What sensor do you have?
Do you have a datasheet, a serial number or a wiring diagram for the sensor.

The weird thing is that the sensor is on does work indicated by the led and you get a different resolt from wiring it differently.

Im think you have a NPN NC sensor, but im not sure.


Looks like Brown wire should go to 24V, Black to DI0, and Blue to 0V/GND. Possibly use the 0V/GND from the Power pins or the 0V from the Digital outputs. Would not think this would be the issue but there’s no harm in trying.

Wiring this way was also unsuccessful. Which terminal supports the sensor “load” wire?

Based on the wiring diagram and Keyence sensors I have used I would agree with this.

Silly question, this sensor has a very small range. Are you close enough without being to close to the sensor?

Detecting distance 1.0 mm 0.04" ±15%
Detectable object Ferrous metals (see Characteristics for non-ferrous metals)