Permanent HIGH signal after OS/Controller starts

Hi everyone

What I am trying to find is a signal that is always high after the OS/Controller is turned on (I don’t mean the robot). Simply said, I would need the signal of the green LED on the controller box (“Power Controller”).

I tried to use the existing default Output assignments:

  • Low when not running
  • High when not running
  • High when runnin-low when stopped
  • Low on unscheduled stop
  • Low on unscheduled stop, otherwise High
  • Continuous pulse when running

And also the ones for the Safety Outputs:

  • System Emergency Stopped
  • Robot Moving
  • Robot Not Stopping
  • Reduced Mode
  • Not Reduced Mode

All of them go LOW under certain process conditions, but in all of them the controller is still on.

Is there a way to bridge the “Power Controller”-signal to an I/O or a Profinet connection? Otherwise, there is no way to know if the controller started properly or died during the production.

Thank you all in advance.